German Shepherd Puppies

Rancho Rhein German Shepherds, is the name of a breeders’ business serving the Santa Clarita, CA area and the Southern California area as well.

German Shepherd Puppies


Rancho Rhein German Shepherd puppies have been bred for generations from old West German working lines.

Breeding lines have been selected for special characteristics. As a breeder I want a good looking German Shepherd dog with great working abilities. Rancho Rhein German Shepherd puppies display strong nerves, out-going temperament, high drive, large bone, agility with a working structure , rich pigment ,and courage and aggression.

Rancho Rhein German Shepherd puppies

They can start going to new homes at 8 weeks of age. At that time they will be in good health with two permanent vaccines and appropriate worming meds. All puppies will have American Kennel Club registration papers. Proper food and care instructions will be carefully discussed.

As a breeder who is very concerned about the well-being of her puppies, all potential new owners are met in person and carefully interviewed.

No dogs are shipped from Rancho Rhein and no sales are made through agents. I am a breeder who is most interested in putting my puppies into homes with people who want the dog to be a member of the family.

My German Shepherd puppies are raised in a climate-controlled breeding facility, protected from the outside extreme weather changes and wild animals.

When they go into new homes as puppies, they will need to be similarly protected inside and to sleep inside. They can begin crate training at that time also. As they grow older and stronger, their environment can become more flexible

Special Pleasure

Rancho Rhein German Shepherd puppies can be very good with children when raised with them from a puppy. In the beginning both the puppy and the children need supervision and guidance when together.

These puppies can also do well with another dog in the home, but it must be of the opposite sex. Two puppies together from the same litter; opposite sex of course, can be a special pleasure. They will always have a playmate.

Correct Training

These German Shepherd puppies should be exposed to areas outside your home after their final vaccine; usually about four months of age. They can start to meet new people and children and see other dogs.

These German Shepherd puppies should not be loose with strange dogs nor should they be expected to like other dogs. They should always be on a leash and their behavior must be guided through correct training. These bloodlines are NOT “dog park” dogs.

When you have Rancho Rhein German Shepherd dogs, you need to admire and enjoy their behaviors and instincts, and not try to make them into something else. If what you want is a Labrador retriever with erect ears, don’t contact me for a Rancho Rhein German Shepherd puppy.