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Rancho Rhein German Shepherds, is the name of a breeders’ business serving the Santa Clarita, CA area and the Southern California area as well.

German Shepherd Puppies


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German Shepherd Puppies | Rancho Rhein German Shepherds

Breeding lines have been selected for special characteristics. As a breeder I want a good looking German Shepherd dog with great working abilities.

Training | Rancho Rhein German Shepherds

Training is geared individually to the owner and dog. I want to work with the dog owner, since more training goes into the owner than the dog.

German Shepherd Sales | Rancho Rhein German Shepherds

Potential owners are selected very carefully and must exhibit patience, time and a willingness to bond with a new dog.

Rancho Rhein German Shepherd puppies display strong nerves, out-going temperament, high drive, large bone, agility with a working structure , rich pigment ,and courage and aggression. Rancho Rhein German Shepherds serves the Santa Clarita, CA area.

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Rancho Rhein German Shepherds specialize in the breeding and training of some of the most exceptional old German bloodlines of German Shepherd dogs available anywhere.

  • German Shepherd Puppies are available
  • Adult German Shepherd dogs may also be available
  • Training and Boarding services are also offered.
  • Specialize in training the dog owner

Rancho Rhein German Shepherds

39060 Bouquet Canyon Road
Leona Valley, CA 93551
(661) 270-9237
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